Song Bird & Wild Fowl Carvings
 by Evelyn Hurford & Carol Turner

View the carvings of 2 talented artists, mother and daughter


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Artist Profiles:

Evelyn Hurford Mother & Daughter

After retiring from a career in tourism in 1981, Evelyn found that she had a passion for carving after attending a short course in carving miniature wild fowl. She has since devoted much of her time to refining her wood carving skills. Her inspiration has been drawn from nature, and she carves a variety of decorative song birds and wild fowl.

Over the past several years, Evelyn has taken courses and seminars with internationally recognized instructors such as Glen Mc Murdo, Jim Sprankle, Bob Lavender and Bruce Leper. Evelyn has attended many Ontario wood carving competitions to date resulting in an impressive display of ribbons that adorn her small workshop in Belleville, Ontario, CANADA. In April of 2004 she was pleased to add to her collection a first place and an honourable mention received from the Ward World Championship Carving Exposition in Ocean City, Maryland.

Evelyn has helped several people along the way, develop an interest and hone their skills in carving, and has been a ‘mentor’ to a few aspiring artists. Evelyn currently belongs to the Quinte Woodcarving Club in Belleville, and continues to devote many hours a week to her creative hobby. Top

Carol would call herself a 'self taught multi media artist'. For 12 years, soft sculpture, one of a kind, intrigued her, and it was a pleasant diversion for her while her young family was growing up. Carol ventured into wood carving in 1998, with her talented mother, Evelyn Hurford, as her mentor. Evelyn had begun carving birds and wild fowl at 60 years of age, and encouraged Carol to give it a try. " I quickly found my 'passion" says Carol." I was lucky enough to place very well in the novice division at woodcarving shows within the first 2 years and moved on to intermediate at that point". Carol presently does at least one show a year, relishing in the critiques of the judges to assist in her growth as a carver.

Carol placed 2nd for two years in a row at the novice level in the Ward World Carving Competition in Ocean City, Md., one of which won the purchase award for a miniature heron in 2002 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. She has received ribbons or placing's for most carvings entered into shows, and looks forward to progressing in her chosen craft in the future.

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